Wednesday, March 26, 2014


We are on the back edge of a nor'easter today and the air temperature is 32 degrees, but the twenty mile an hour biting wind makes it feel like 22 degrees. Not a fit day to be outside.

This is not my picture, it's from,
but Sundown totally looked like this yesterday. 
At least the snow went off to the south and east and spared us.

Ski Sundown is still 100% open and it's not even spring conditions. We drove out there yesterday, before it got so windy today.

Jim and I had gone to New Hartford to check out Collinsville Antiques (restless, looking for garden tchotchkes), and we went by the ski area.

What we saw were winter conditions, with people schussing down Gunbarrel and dressed for the chill.

We did not find any garden antiques junk yesterday, but we had a great time wandering around the 20,000 square feet of vendor booths crammed with collectibles, and marveling that items from our youth (the 1950s and 1960s) are now considered antiques. As are we.
Here's a photo of Collinsville Antiques from their website,
showing just a fraction of the vendor stalls in the building.

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