Monday, March 24, 2014

Where to Sit

Cold. That's all I can say about the weather today.

I'm inside on a 21 degree day (there's sun at least, and hopes of temperatures rising to 30 degrees). What is there to do inside but plan imaginary design changes.

This year I am going to put the patio umbrella table and four chairs in the gravel garden. I liked the look of the Mayan chairs there, but they are so low slung, especially nestled down into the loose gravel, that it's hard for me to get out of them (and impossible for Jim).

The cushions hold dew and after a rain they are sodden for days. Not a good place to sit.

The green canvas director's chairs (tag sale items I bought in 1980, the year Tom was born) have fallen apart from being out in the weather and really are past their life span. They never were sturdy or comfortable and now they wobble and the wood is split.
In 2012 the green director's chairs were still ok, but weather has done them in.

So the umbrella table patio set will go there, in the center of the gravel. And the Mayan chairs will go back on the front porch as I had them one year. They'll stay dry there.

In 2009 the Mayan chairs were on the front porch. 
I kind of liked the look and I can sit there and monitor traffic
on our street while drinking gin and tonics.

So, what should go on the upper deck where the table and chairs had been? The space is cramped and not really big enough for a table and four chairs. (An unexpected design problem when it was being built cut it in half).
The table and chairs fit, barely, but the deck is the route in
and out of the house, and it's hard to squeeze by the furniture.

We don't need another seating area -- the rockers on the stone patio below are where I sit to view the garden, and the table in the gravel garden will be where we can entertain or eat. I can even sit on the front porch if we put the chairs there.
The viewing area -- this is where I normally sit, and there is
even some afternoon shade now from the river birch nearby.

In addition, we have another place to sit now that the new back porch is remodeled. It's just the place in the afternoon when the sun makes the deck too hot and sunny. I never did figure out how to get shade on the deck, so the table and chairs were never that usable on a sunny day.

We don't need yet more seating on the deck. An unencumbered path across the short deck from the house to the patio below is really what's needed.

Instead, I'll forego any furniture on the deck and use the area for a container vegetable garden. Something like this, with pots of herbs and lettuces and carrots. I won't need the chair that this picture shows, but a table to hold some of the pots would be ok.

I already have the 26" wide faux concrete bowl that I have grown lettuce and herbs in before. Some more nice pots to group around, a low table or stool to put some on, and I will have a nice potager area right outside the kitchen. Could I keep it looking nice?

It's in full sun, which was always the problem for sitting there.

With all the other areas to sit in, and a nice screened porch now, I don't need chairs on the deck. Just some greenery, some edibles in containers, and a more open area to get from the back door down to the patio. If my new Meyer lemon tree doesn't die right away, it can go out there in the summer.

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