Friday, March 21, 2014

In The News

Turn to Channel 20 for the news - -

International search news:
They can't find a commercial Malaysian jet after weeks of intense searching over water. It's an international mystery. And I can't find my fine garden scissors after the same effort searching over land.

The scissors were lost in the weeds on the back hill where I had gone to dump a cartload of spring clean up debris. They were sitting in the tray of the cart and went overboard when I overturned the cart to empty it.

We know where the accident occurred, and we have meticulously searched every inch of the area in an overlapping grid pattern. There is no progress to report -- not a beep, not a blip, not a radar shadow, not a single sign of the missing scissors. A mystery.

If they can't find a jumbo jet that went missing, how am I to find a pair of metal scissors with black handles buried in the weeds?

Seasonal and weather news:
Spring arrived on March 20.

The yard is largely snow-free now and I can tromp around squishing the wet lawn into puddled mud packs, but I cannot easily access the one area I need to get to -- my workbench and toolshed. It's still iced in.

So I just stuck to using the hedge trimmer and knocking down the nepeta and daisies and black eyed susans and other standing stalks.  What a difference -- it's so easy using a power tool for this job.

The only hard part is the bending and stooping to collect all the shattered stalks and carry them away. Scissors help to cut the finer bits off, but I've lost my scissors.

Wildlife news:
Not a single vole has been found in my overturned pots-and-snaptrap contraptions. I risked my life baiting them with peanut butter and have not trapped anything.

Consumer product review:
I love these leather work gloves from Lowe's. Soft, warm, easy to work in, easy to get on and off. They aren't completely waterproof like my Mud Gloves, but they did handle the wet clean up today without getting too soaked. Nice gloves.

I am going to lose one soon.

I also like my Bogs boots. Easy to slip into, easy off, and totally waterproof. Walking in the yard today was a squishy wet slog, but my feet were fine. It's not easy to take a selfie of your own feet.

We leave the news today with a local shot from the east side of the house on the first day of spring, March 20, at 6:20 p.m.:

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