Friday, April 4, 2014

Checked Off the List

The first week of April gave us some nice sunny days in the 50s, although today is gloomy and cold again. But while it was nice, I got stuff done!

Here are highlights of what was checked off my to-do list:

Mesh tree trunk protector tubes were removed from all the trees.
My new system using orchid clips to fasten cylinders of plastic mesh fencing works like a charm. Clip on, clip off, easier than any other type of trunk protector I have used. 
It took me just half an hour to remove all the cylinders from all the trees I had wrapped.  

I cleaned up all almost all the remaining perennial stalks.
Such an easy job now with the hedge trimmer. Grasses are easily lopped and even woody stems of large perennials are quickly dispatched.
I still like the look of the dried pale seed heads on the caryopteris, and am reluctant to cut this one back, but it must be chopped at some point. 
At this time of year it is the only thing in the garden that is still upright and looking somewhat nice. The spring light highlights its pale structure so nicely.

The patio furniture was brought up from the cellar and put in the gravel garden. I like it in this new location.

The cottonwood tree stump was relocated.
I moved it from the gravel garden, where it was an end table next to the low chairs, to the Blueberry Garden, where it is perfect. A bit of bulk in the empty spot. This just looks right -- it adds some mass in an area of small stuff.

I planted lettuce seeds in the bowls on the deck.  Also moved some of the indoor seedlings from their cell packs and potted them up.

I pruned. The smokebush was coppiced, the climbing hydrangea was shaped, and I cut red twig dogwood branches overhanging the dry creek bed.

There is an excellent post here that Nan Ondra did on coppicing shrubs, and she even details at the end (it's a long, comprehensive post) how she cuts her 'Grace' smokebush. Here is my smokebush (Cotinus 'Grace') before and after.  

It looks like I killed the whole thing, but it should start shooting out lovely red foliage and be big and full by early summer. (The color in these pictures is weird, awfully turquoise for some reason.)

I did the taxes. Check that off the list.

There is still so much to do in the garden -- moving shrubs and dividing perennials and edging / expanding gardens, and I am going to run out of spring very quickly.

So busy. So much to do.
So much to do.

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