Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Today was the first nice day of spring. Not very warm, only up into the mid 50s, but the sky was bright, the air was still, and the top of the soil is beginning to melt. The top inch or so is quite soggy but it is still frozen deep down.

This winter was so severely cold for so long, that winterburn on the broadleaf evergreens is a real problem. This is the first year I have seen it so bad.

'Tide Hill' boxwoods have a lot of brown, especially the ones
that are planted out into the gravel

The blue hollies on the berm are completely browned in front

If you look at the back side of each holly there is some
green, but the entire front facing side of each is quite brown

The same thing with "Ghost Hills' heath -- the back side is okay, with a
haze of tiny pink flowers, but the front part is dessicated.

A lot of winterburn on the front edge of the kinnikinnik.

I'll give them all a good trim in a few weeks -- mostly the boxwoods and kinnikinnik, which need the dead stuff cut off. And the heaths will get an overall shearing. I think all will be fine.

I have pictures from other years of the 'Lynwood' forsythia by the road cut in full glorious yellow bloom on April 1. Not this year -- no blooms yet.

The Lonicera fragrantissima is not blooming yet either. This fragrant honeysuckle is finally a large shrub, and there are many buds, but no open flowers. So much for "winter blooming".

Don't ask me about the stunted witch hazels. 'Diane' has a ton of little tiny blooms, but they are so small, not fragrant, are hidden by the brown persistent foliage, and just do not impress.

But we have irises!
Iris reticulata is popping up in the kinnikinnik, along with the snowdrops that have been out all month. This is really nice.

It's a weird season, and the plants have not yet been able to shrug off the months of single-digit cold, even with the strong spring sunshine and promise of an end to winter.

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  1. My plants have not been able to shake things off either...and I am very concerned about the winterburn on my hemlocks and my Captain Yew. We shall see! Fingers crossed that things start waking up a bit more soon! Loving your blooms friend! Nicole xoxo