Sunday, April 13, 2014

Proceed With Caution

A warm, sunny day, little breeze and 70 degrees. It rained very lightly, just a tenth of an inch, and this weekend the grass has really started to green up.

The winter bloomers just won't let go. They are cautious and not ready to flower even though it is just about mid April. Plants that should have flowered in late winter are still tightly budded.
Cornus mas, getting ready to open but not quite there yet

Dawn viburnum has lots of buds but they are just barely expanding

Not only are these late opening, but they are slow too. Once the buds swell and the hint of flowering is there, they usually burst open quickly. But we have had below freezing nights well into mid April, and so they are being cautious and taking their time.

One winter bloomer is not merely cautious, it is probably dead. The fragrant honeysuckle does not even have swelling buds. Nothing. The bark on the bottom stems was badly chewed this winter, but I had thought it would be okay. Apparently not.
I think this Lonicera fragrantissima didn't make it

The winter heaths are looking better, although still only half of each plant has flowers. After a shearing they will be fine.
Still fried on the front side, but blooming and alive

The star magnolia is an early spring bloomer that has opened in late March in warm years. But this year it is hanging on to its fuzzy fat buds well into April, and only a few are showing a hint of the white stars that will emerge.
Star magnolia, with only a few blooms even showing the promise of white stars

There are still forecasts for below freezing nights in the next week, and that will make the magnolia blooms mush if they do open up soon. So caution is most definitely needed.

This year the winter blooming plants and the early spring plants may be out at the same time. Forsythia is starting to show little bits of yellow, but no explosion of color yet.

Daffodils on the back hill are up, but only one or two are blooming. The daffodils at the top of the driveway aren't open yet, but the greenery looks good.

I am so ready to see the winter blooming trees and shrubs get their act together before the spring show starts and steals their time in the limelight!

But they are proceeding very carefully and slowly this year.

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