Sunday, May 11, 2014

Completely Perfect

Just one lone velvety black Queen of Night
tulip remains from all that I planted in 2008
Mother's Day could not have been more perfect this year.

After days and days of chill wet gloom, which only produced a quarter inch of rain despite endless drizzle and cold dampness, Mother's Day was a sunny, dry, breezy perfection of a spring day.

It's Wyoming air -- dry, sweet, cool in the shadows and warm in the sunshine. There's a whiff of smoke from somebody's wood fire somewhere.

Mid 70s, abundant sunshine, two wonderful phone calls and cards from my sons, fancy English muffins and jams from my stepdaughter.

And coffee in bed, waffles and bacon for breakfast. Steaks on the grill in the waning spring sunlight, the air a perfect pitch of dry breezy comfort.

God blesses.

The lawn is incredibly thick and green, but the garden is still restrained, much is opening and blooming and becoming lush, but quietly and reservedly, for now. A few more days and it will start to overwhelm, but right now it is all tentative.
Forget Me Nots are suddenly in bloom

The two Blue Shadow fothergillas I moved last fall are blooming.
Still a little sparsely branched, but they will fill in. I love the line of Tide Hill boxwoods.

The older fothergillas along the west walk are in full bloom.

The little red buckeye, Aesculus pavia, has leafed out boldly

The wood hyacinths, scillas, are all foliage, no blooms.
It's mid May already, and everything is late this year.

Orange Dream Japanese maple is a coppery color. Still kind of oddly shaped, though.

The chevron garden has robust ditch lilies coming up.

The Cornus mas at the other end of the chevron garden has stopped blooming and is putting on its leaves.

In just a couple days the Bloodgood Japanese maple has put on its
wine red clothes. It sparkles in the sun, very red right now.

The Ogon spirea was in wild arching bloom just a few days ago, one of the few things blooming just last week.

Now blueberries are blossoming (how I hope for a good crop again this year -- last year was awesome). Bright orange geums are blooming, but I can't get their happy color to show up in a photo.

The containers on the deck are filled with vegetables and herbs and they hold much promise.

But as always, there are plants in the garden that take forever to wake up. The black gums and persimmons and sweetgums are slow, and the itea is still just branches, as is the Rhus aromatica. But nothing beats the clethra, or summersweet. Really, they look so terrible right now:

Other than some slow to emerge things in the garden, the rest of the scene on Mother's Day was wonderful, the air was delightful, the temperatures just right, and my entire day was completely perfect.

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  1. A very Happy Mothers Day to you too friend! My goodness is your garden showing off its beauty today! I love all of the pots you have rocking there! I can't wait to see it all grow! A wonderful week to you! Nicole xoxo