Monday, May 12, 2014

Feeling Summery

Suddenly it feels summery. The afternoon temperature is in the 80s. Such a long, cold spring has ended quite abruptly and being outdoors is delightful. Windows and screen doors are open and there's a breeze, so it's nice inside too.

Sitting on the porch is delightful. It was remodeled late in the summer last year, so this is the first spring that I get to sit out here and have my coffee on a summery feeling morning.

The Rex begonia has been moved from the bedroom to the porch and I love the way it fills this corner and catches the morning light.

Hummingbirds showed up last week, or at least that was the first time I noticed one at the feeder. Now they visit regularly and seem happy to be back.

Geums are in bloom, and Jim was able to capture their warm orange color.

Their funny orange plays well with the clear blue of the forget me nots nearby along the dry creek bed. But the combination is so hard to photograph, especially from a little distance, even though both the geums and the forget me nots look wonderful near each other.

All the strawberries in the gravel garden have cute white button blooms on them. Blueberries are in flower too -- these are 'Northblue' in the yard. The blueberries out in the field are not flowering much yet, but maybe they are just later flowering types.

Now, with these past couple summery feeling days, it will all start to happen suddenly. Leaves are opening all over, some flowers are out, others are coming, and the weeds and grasses will soon take over.  Even if it gets cooler again, the season has begun.

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