Thursday, May 1, 2014

How Wet Did it Get?

It got plenty wet. It rained all day yesterday and all last night.

And it was a cold rain, in the 40s. The grass is brilliant green, but the trees and landscape in general still looks brown and dismal, with nothing leafed out yet.

There are isolated pops of color from forsythias and magnolias, and just a few days ago the cherry and pear trees around town started blooming. Daffodils are bright and cheery. Buds are swelling on everything else. But when you look out at the whole scene on the first of May, it is all brown.

The yellowroot is blooming. It is so subtle, and the mauve color from afar reads a little brownish, but up close on a sunny day the frothy blooms sparkle. This was just before we took out the hollies on the berm, and just before the rain came.

The seedlings I started indoors 6 weeks ago need to be planted out. It's only May 1, still too early for tender annuals in the garden, but there is no frost forecast for the next 10 days, so I think they need to get out of their pots. Here they are, protected from cold downpours on the porch, patiently waiting.

The zinnias are not really so patient. They took off in their pots and one is already blooming!

The morning glory seedlings got way too big for the little seedling pots. They were vining to three feet, looking for lamps or furniture legs or passing cats to wrap their tendrils around, and I couldn't find stakes tall enough that would stand in a shallow pot. So a day ago, before the rain, I planted them by the metal arbor entrance to the gravel garden.

Then three inches of rain came. Their skinny stems and big thin leaves are either going to drink all this up and they'll climb and bloom, or I killed them.

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