Sunday, May 4, 2014

More Gravel in the Garden

I see a possibility here.

This is from Defining Your Home Garden & Travel

And this is the path between two of my gardens, leading to the dry creek bed and bridge.

I have always wanted to define the grass path between these two gardens, either with large irregular stepper stones placed in the grass, or now, seeing the inspiration photo above, with pea gravel and stepper stones offset along one edge of it.

I already have a large pea gravel sitting area surrounded by gardens. It's for sitting, not really a walking path.

Would it be too much gravel to add another, separate pea gravel area here? The flat stones define it more as a path than the sitting area is, and the shape is longer and narrower.

But so much gravel in the garden? Too much?

My original idea was to place large flat stones in the grass to make a walkway between the gardens. Here's an example I found at Fresh Home. I still like this idea too.
found on

Pea gravel is relatively cheap compared to other hardscape, but it would still involve expense to install. Maintenance would be very easy once it was put in, though.

Stones laid in the grass would be much less expensive to install, but mowing and edging would always be a maintenance issue.

How to decide?

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