Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No Coffee

There was no coffee this morning. I got up, went through the usual morning rituals and opened the cupboard to get the ground coffee out to fill the drip machine. Gasp. The cupboard WAS BARE.

How does this happen? Who controls the inventory here?

There was no coffee to be had. Jim doesn't drink Starbucks, we both dislike Dunkin Donuts, and there is no bistro type coffee shop in town that we could go to in our jammies at 7 in the morning.

I went outside and cried.

But look.

The red peony still shimmers. I planted a bubblegum pink lupine in the empty spot at the center of the Birch Garden and it welcomed me brightly.

The strawberries are starting to come in, there were about four or five little red jewels, some half eaten by an as yet undiscovered critter, but most are full and plump and waiting for me.

White clover has started to pop up in the lawn.

The groundcover Weihenstephaner Gold sedums are putting up rich golden yellow flowers now.

The Birch Garden is lovely with purple columbines and catmint and pretty forms and colors.

If I walk around to the other side of the house, empty handed because I have no coffee cup, I see pretty white dwarf deutzia and giant dappled willows looking like they are blooming all white and frothy, but it's just their amazing spring foliage.

It's all good, but without coffee the morning was off.  Jim went to the store and bought more. The day got quite hot and humid, and storms are approaching this evening. It feels very summery.

Tomorrow, with coffee ready to brew, will be a better day. My garden disagrees, and says today was perfect just as it was.

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  1. The birch garden is looking gorgeous, Laurrie and I'm glad the tragic lack of coffee has been rectified.