Sunday, June 1, 2014

Poppies and Peonies

There are poppies.

California poppies in a pot on the deck. Paper thin, translucent, pale yellow.

They are in my pot garden, a collection of flowers, herbs and vegetables in containers on the deck.

And there are peonies.

'Blaze', a shimmering red peony that reflects and radiates light.

It's at the side of the Birch Garden, with deep purple 'May Night' salvia and white 'Immortality' irises.

Poppies and peonies turn the calendar from May to June.

As we turn the corner into June, the clear blue forget me nots are beginning to fade and the rich purple ajuga is too. But both are still colorful and pretty.

As they go by, others take over and open their blooms. Besides the poppies and peonies, there are clematis flowers, at least the big white stars of 'Henryi' along the front walk at this point. It's the first of the clematis vines I have to open.

And dwarf deutzia 'Nikko' is beautiful. I have planted it everywhere since it is such a great ground cover plant for me. It's easy to propagate, covers ground and completely shades out weeds, mounds in a nice arching form, has pretty flowers, neutral summer color and deep mahogany fall leaves. I like this plant.

There is more red. Dianthus has spread around among a gold leaved caryopteris and purple columbines. It's kind of small and shy, but calls attention with its bright red color.

More red -- it isn't very showy yet, but the buckeye, Aesculus pavia, has firecracker red candles. It's such a small tree, skinny and little, but it has three or four deep red flowers and promises more as it grows. Chives in a pot below the buckeye are blooming.

It's not all fire reds and pure whites punctuated with deep purple, though. There is pink too.

The dwarf weigela 'My Monet' continues to bloom and bloom in a way it never did when it was on the other side of the house. I'd only get a few of the vivid pink flowers, and grew this for its variegated foliage. This year it has bloomed profusely.

It's still an odd shape, from having been crowded where it was before, but it will fill out. Best thing I did for this little plant was move it out into the open.

June has opened with a spectacular sunny day, full of poppies, peonies and other pretties everywhere!

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