Friday, July 18, 2014

Gray Metal Bench

I like it.

I have a new bench, tucked into the leafy yellowroot along the berm.

It's in a shady spot in the morning, a great place to sit for a little bit under the birch tree. It went together easily, and sits level without any wobble. It is surprisingly sturdy for a lightweight metal bench.

I need to move the birdbath away from it a little more, though. The birds will decorate the bench and I don't want that.

It's gray metal. I simply cannot bring myself to buy painted accents for the garden, or put bright pillows on the chairs, or place colorful glazed containers around with plants in them.

Almost all my pots are neutral -- terra cotta or hypertufa or cement colored. All my outdoor furniture is naturally silvered teak or black powder coated metal. Accents in my garden include a gray cottonwood stump, a bleached natural wood birdhouse, oxidized brown cast iron tuteurs, a cement colored birdbath.

That iron birdbath in the picture above next to my new bench was a gift, and it was originally painted yellow, but the paint disappeared after the first year and I like it unpainted now.

The potting table and tool shed and the deck itself are weathered cedar. The patio is gray paver stones. A small sundial has a verdigris patina.

I see so many wonderful bright colors used as accents in the gardens I tour -- turquoise blue pots, red lacquered chairs, whimsical painted birdhouses, even a fence woven of shimmering purple ribbons that was fantastic.

I can't do it.

Garden style is personal, and while I love how gardeners use pops of color in the gardens I visit, I am most happy in my own garden with its repeated soothing neutrals that hide in the background.

I like my new gray bench.


  1. That bench is gorgeous!!!!!!!! I love it just as it is friend! And you are so right about your neutral pieces in the garden! I tend to stay clear of colored pieces as well unless they have been handed down to me. Great piece here!!! Boy would I like to sit there and have a tea!!! Nicole xo

  2. Laurrie, the grey "pops" against the green, anyway, at least it does in the photographs. What really stands out, though, is the design of the back of the bench. No need for colour statements with such a strong, satisfying, architectural form. No wonder you're pleased with it.