Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Blues

After so much dry weather, we are getting a little light rain -- a quarter inch Sunday night and another quarter inch Monday night and a gloomy wet day today (naturally, as we are going to the beach to visit friends today. Of course it's a yucky day).

The blues are upon us.

Feeling blue -- I have a summer head cold, not tolerating it well.

Enjoying blue -- a lovely hydrangea.

Blue all over -- tiers of lace caps.

Seeing blue -- actually blue eyes seeing me.

Swearing a blue streak -- at the birds who have discovered the blueberries this year.

They leave me only a couple ripe ones hidden below the leaves; all the rest they get. Last year the blueberries went undiscovered and I had the crop all to myself, despite not netting the bushes. This year they found them.

Planting blue -- at least planting a tree called "blue beech".

There is nothing blue about Carpinus caroliniana at all, but I guess the smooth gray rippled bark must read kind of bluish from afar. I got two small ones at Broken Arrow last week, to enhance the grouping in the meadow from three to five now. A grove of blue beeches.

We went to Broken Arrow because I was looking for a male Ilex opaca, to assure that we get berries on the female American holly we had installed on the east side. But they did not have a small one that I could plant myself. And, actually, the holly in our yard is covered with berries this summer, so it is being pollinated from somewhere. I guess I don't need a male after all (well, I do, but his name is Jim and he's not a holly.)

I also picked up another New Jersey Tea shrub to plant at the edge of the gravel garden.

And some more bright orange butterflyweed and another mukdenia rossii.

Despite my cold we went on two fantastic Garden Conservancy open tours this past weekend, right here in town. One was the Mann's garden, full of quirky art and imaginative designs. It was an acre of separate rooms, each with a distinctive personality and great use of plants. This garden entertained me!

The other was Cheryl's garden, with its open sweep down to the old farm pond, and the antique outbuildings surrounded by exuberant daylilies and mixed perennials. The shade walk under a massive canopy of trees was wonderful to wander in during the heat of the day. Her garden calmed and soothed me. Ommmm.

These two garden visits easily banished any feelings of the blues I may have had.  Still have the cold, though.

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