Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kindergarten Crayon Colors

Sunny and breezy and fresh. Hurricane Arthur passed by us, and we only got a quarter inch of rain, although it was wet and gloomy all day. After the storm, the air for the past two days has been cool and the sun is brilliant.

The Eastern prickly pear (Opuntia) is blooming now. Bright yellow! It's a native cactus in New England, which surprises everyone. Yes, there is a native cactus here.

It is nestled along the edge of the gravel garden, but even planted in the pebbles, it is not dry enough for it, really. Most of the year it looks like mush, and only perks up in summer for a while. The flowers are really happy looking, though.

The same yellow hue is blooming on the 'Blue Velvet' St. Johnswort. A real lemony kind of color.

Clematis 'Jackmanii' is flowering abundantly right now, completely covering the metal tower it is draped over. It actually climbed up to the top of the tower and then ran back down the other side and is now reaching along the ground below it.

It's definitely purple -- a velvety color that is hard to describe.

Butterfly weed (Asclepias) is in bloom. A deep orange milkweed that stays low and shrubby, unlike the tall wild milkweeds in the meadow.

The orange of the milkweed is exactly the same orange as the ditch lilies along the back of the yard and the hot punches of color echo each other from a distance.

There are softer colors in the garden -- some pink zinnias, and the standby whites of 'Becky' shasta daisies and the dangling white handkerchiefs on the clematis viticella. Some soft magenta irises by the creek bed are blooming and scattered lavender cranesbill too.

But it is the kindergarten crayon colors right now that catch my eye -- yellow! and purple! and orange!

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