Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Feels Like Winter

It's the time of year when I'm indoors all day, just like in winter. But it's the heat that keeps me inside now.

Over the weekend we got refreshing weather after the hurricane passed, but now it is hot and windy and uncomfortable. It feels stormy but nothing happens.

The rain we just got on the fourth of July is a distant memory as the dry turbulent air makes everything in the garden look heat stressed, wind blown and thirsty.

There is so much that needs tending in the garden, but I don't go outside. The Shasta daisies look fresh in the morning light, though.

Our neighbors have a home at the shore, on Long Island Sound. What a delight, to be able to get away to the ocean in summer, I say.

Naw, they say. There is no air conditioning at the beach house, so we don't go when it is hot. We stay here so we can be indoors in the a/c.

Even they had to laugh at the logic of having a house at the shore and staying home in summer because it's more comfortable.

It sure feels like it does all winter. I'm hunkered down inside, with zero interest in even peeking outside, and it's apparently even too hot to go to the beach.

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