Monday, August 18, 2014

A New Tower

It was supposed to be a deep teal color, but it's blue.

That's okay, I like it.

Uncharacteristically for me, I have put a colored structure in the garden and I don't hate it.

I am trying to solve several problems here. . . .
One: this part of Meadow's Edge is mostly shady, especially in the afternoon, and the new clematis I ordered wants some shade, otherwise its pretty silvered blooms wash out. It can go on this pyramid.
Two: this spot near the big maple is flat and empty. I have groundcovers there -- epimediums and low spreading sedums and fleeceflower, but nothing with any height.  A large bulky shrub or big perennial simply won't grow in the maple's root system.

Three: This whole garden bed recedes into the background and my eye is drawn to the weedy meadow behind it. A bit of color and structure in the front brings it forward.

And four: My "allee' from the driveway looking to the back yard is nice in fall when the big maple in the distance is fiery red and draws your eye right down the walk and across the lawn. But in summer it's all greenery and it recedes. The blue tower makes a nice focal point.

I like the problems this tower solves, I like the color, and the size and visual weight are just right.

It's a keeper.

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  1. I love it!!! It is amazing how it draws the eye and gives the area dimension! Where did you find it?? Looks stunning friend! Wishing you a wonderful week! Nicole xoxo