Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Private Haven

This time a year ago the porch was torn up and in the middle of remodeling. Now, a year later, I find I am spending my entire summer on the porch. It was the best money we ever spent on the house.

The footprint didn't change, so it remains a narrow 7 by 14 foot area tucked in the back corner of the house. The windows are much deeper now, allowing me to look out, and the materials are much nicer than the cement floor and vinyl siding that were here before. It's not a big enough porch for entertaining many people, but it is perfect for me.

I have my coffee here in a pool of sunshine on cool summer mornings. I read here, nap here, drink a glass of wine here. I survey the gardens, look out on my deck full of containers, and supervise Jim grilling on the patio, all from inside my new porch.

When the weather is bad, I close the windows and sit out here and watch it rain. When it is hot and humid I come out here to escape the stuffy frigid air conditioning inside.

I check out the hummingbirds feeding at the feeder on the patio. They don't even know I am watching from inside my screened hideaway.

I write my journal posts on my laptop, sitting on the porch, and I spend too much time surfing around on the web. A lot of garden planning gets done here.

I thought I would spend evenings on the porch -- there is a lamp and soft wall lighting -- but I don't.

Why didn't we fix this space up years ago? For the first nine years we lived here the porch was simply  a passageway from the kitchen to the outside, a closet, a storage area for pots, an uninviting area to pass through.

Now I live here.

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