Friday, November 14, 2014


We got snow, a coating, but it came with bitter temperatures and wind. The rest of the country is under frigid polar weather too, and low temperature records are being smashed in the midwest.

It is very cold here but not record breaking. In my preparations to get ready for this cold snap I forgot one plant that needed to be cut back: the baptisia pendula alba.

Baptisias have clean looking foliage all season that goes completely black when a freeze hits. This baptisia is an arching, big shrub-like mound of foliage all year. Today it is a large scary looking black mass, with the characteristic black seedpods rattling in the wind.

I forgot to take care of this one last week. I'm not going out there now to cut it back.

First, it's too cold. Second, I am hurting pretty bad.

The cataract surgery earlier this week was a success -- perfect lens, clear sight now. But unlike the recovery last time, which was easy and painless, this time it's an ordeal. I have a headache that would kill a buffalo, and discomfort that keeps me sitting still in a dark room or half submerged in a hot bathtub for hours.


For several reasons this surgery was more complicated and although the outcome is fine, the healing is difficult. Despite the pain I am already able to see better -- my computer screen looks awesome now. But mostly I keep my eyes closed and count the hours until I can take the next dose of Advil.

Not even thinking of going out in that cold wind. The blackened baptisia will remain standing a while longer.

The problem is that I can see its ugly frozen form from the window so clearly now. Every blackened leaf. Oy.


  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling good Laurrie. Any kind of surgery will sap away energy. Don't fret about the baptisia - it is dead after all :)

    1. Thanks so much Patty! Starting to feel a little better -- it's just a slow recovery.