Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lawnmower Red

I love how the Viburnum prunifolium looks limbed up. I think I've done a good job turning a shrubby, densely twiggy plant into a graceful small tree. It gratifies me to see the form emerge more and more each year.

I love how the witch hazel, Hamamelis 'Diane' is such a cheerful yellow next to the darkly brooding purple ninebark 'Summer Wine'. I limbed this shrubby plant up too, and gave it a chandelier effect that I like.

I love how the stately red maple in the middle of the lawn has nothing but fiery red leaves all over, but drops a pool of yellow leaves at its base. This puzzles me.

And Jim loves the fact that his lawnmower is exactly the same color as the fothergillas in fall. He took a picture to show me, and is pretty pleased with this.

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