Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tucked In

We are ready for winter now. The hoses are disconnected, emptied and stored. The furniture is all in the basement or garage. The annuals are uprooted and tossed. All the pots have been removed from the deck, and the ones I need to overwinter are on the porch.

The porch screens are off, the glassed storm door is on and the porch windows are all closed.

Some, but not all of the perennials are cut back. Some I will leave standing for winter. The mums are still colorful, so they'll get cut down later.

I'll leave the grasses for a while yet too, since this is their season, but I won't leave them standing over winter. There is no such thing as winter interest when panicums or miscanthus or even hakonechloas are matted down with heavy snow. Grasses are not winter worthy in this climate.

It seems early. We haven't had a hard freeze yet and taking out the annuals seemed premature -- they still looked good, especially the nasturtiums (I actually left the biggest leafy one by the gravel garden.)

Taking in all the chairs makes everything look so barren, and I have no place to sit now when the sun is out and there is a nice moment to enjoy all the fall color that still dazzles.

But very cold weather is on its way next week, and I have eye surgery next week too. It is routine and the recovery is quick but I will have to take it easy for a few days. So rather than risk frozen hoses and rather than wait for my doctor's ok to wrestle furniture inside on a cold day, we took care of everything now, in early November.

We're all snugged up and ready for winter.

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