Monday, February 2, 2015

Trends I Don't Understand

Snowing today. 13 degrees out and blowing dry snow.

I am reduced to getting my garden fix by cruising Pinterest's photos of beautiful gardens. So much inspiration for what I could do! Oh my.

But there are repeated trends all over everyone's boards that mystify me when I try to imagine how they would work in my garden.

The most mystifying is the outdoor cushion.  Garden seating areas all have furniture with stuffed fabric cushions. And pillows.

Outdoors. In the elements. Wet, squishy, damp cushions.

Would you want to sit on these soggy seats?
The ones in shade by the house would take even longer to dry.

I have used cushions on my patio furniture outdoors -- special outdoor cushions made with Sunbrella fabric and stuffed with rain-shedding materials, and they were always wet. Dew soaks them overnight and they don't dry out for hours. Rain makes them soggy for days. Mildew changes their color.

The pictures don't seem to be in the desert, so it must rain sometimes or get dewy at night. Do people take these big seating cushions and pillows in every night? Are they hauling all that stuff inside every time it threatens rain? Where do they store them?

I don't always bring my garden pillows, seat cushions and quilts in at night . . .
. . . .  but when I do,
                              . . . they stay drier.

Dark cushions hide the mildew better.  Good choice.

Love this rustic look, but those are big cushions to haul in every dewy evening or rainy day.

Another trend on Pinterest that I don't understand is the room that opens wide to the garden, with French doors flung open and no screens. At my house it would take only a few seconds of wide open doors before there were flying torments in the house. Mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums and flies. Birds too, we've had them in the house.

We don't need no stinkin' screens (and we untie and bring in those chair cushions every night)

Come on in. All you flying insects.

Open the doors and let the bugs in.  In the bedroom! of all places. 

And how do sunken fire pits drain? This would simply be a pond in my garden, but you see these lovely rock dugouts everywhere on Pinterest.

Sigh. There are such stunning inspirations for gardens all over Pinterest.

But I can't figure out how stuffed fabric cushions left outside are not constantly wet, how open doors could possibly work without screens, or how you get the water out of a sunken fire pit after it rains.

Do I live in a really unusual climate?
(I know, I know. All these photos are staged. I know they are art compositions, not reality shots.  But still.)


  1. You are not the only one asking these questions. I admit the fire pit query is new to me. We hesitate to put the hammock outside until it is July....Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Patty - Aren't all those gorgeous shots seductive? And so unworkable!