Thursday, February 5, 2015

What Goes on in February

Snow. There's a lot.

Temperatures have been quite frigid, down to zero at night.

Taxes got done.

No deer tracks or vole tunnels in sight. No rabbit prints. It's too deep now for animal activity.

Solar panels are totally covered by all the snow on the roof, and it is not melting or sliding off. Kwh are zero even on a sunny day. Our neighbor's panels are completely clear.

Went downhill skiing for a couple hours yesterday morning. Great snow, no crowds midweek, and a senior discount on my ticket.

The "allee" that I wrote about on a recent post looks like this now.

My plan to go out and cut branches for forcing inside will have to wait. The snow is higher than my boots.

The witch hazels in the photo above continue to hold onto their leaves all winter. They are fully clothed in brown and if I brought branches in to force, I'd first have to strip all the leaves and that would probably take any little flowers with them.

I'd like to get some winter honeysuckle and forsythia branches but they are too far out in back and I would be lost under the snow until spring if I tried to get to them.

I can open the dining room window to cut off some Dawn viburnum branches though. As long as I am quick with the pruners and don't let too much heat out the open window. 

But the pruners are in my tool shed which I can't get to. Even if I could, I can't open the doors.

That's what's going on here. More snow coming in the forecast over the next days.

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