Thursday, September 10, 2015

Still Warm From the Sun

It's been very hot and sticky since before Labor Day. No rain for 12 days, and only a quarter inch back then. With temperatures in the 90s, this dry spell has taken a toll. The garden looks tired and limp. There might be some rain today.

Jim got swordfish this week and cooked out. To season and garnish it, I picked the first ever lemon from my Meyer lemon tree.

I couldn't tell if it was ripe. All of the big globes still have tinges of green in the rinds. But overall this one was quite yellow, and it volunteered itself for the first taste of lemon.

Sliced and squeezed over swordfish, it was tangy and tart, not at all sour. What a lemon should be. And because I picked it from the tree right next to the grill and because I picked it only moments before the fish was done, it was still warm from the sun.

Delicious. There are many more to pick, so lemon recipes are being gathered.


  1. Replies
    1. Swordfish is all gone, but there are tons of lemons. I am making pie after the rains stop. Bring a fork and some whipped cream.