Saturday, September 12, 2015

There's A Hole in My Hedge

A nice full inch of rain fell on Thursday and the hot, tired, dry garden perked up some. The temperatures cooled down too, into the high 70s during the day.

Bartlett came the day after the rain, and took out the rogue bottlebrush buckeye that had been driving me nuts. With their big grinding machine they dug it up, pulverized the roots and took away the debris, all in 20 minutes.

That mis-marked cultivar, so different looking than the species companions planted with it in a row, had to to go. The foliage was different, it bloomed out of sequence, bah. I had written about it in this journal many times, debating what to do -- live with the oddity of the one different shrub, or take it out?

It got taken out, so now there is a hole in the hedge. I will keep the open area weeded, but let the suckers from the adjoining bottlebrush buckeyes fill in and colonize the new space, assuring that the species plants are all that grow here.

I went out in the late afternoon to let the two neighboring shrubs know they both have work to do to fill in the empty spot. I think they're on it.

Meanwhile, I am already feeling better about having a gaping hole in my hedge than I felt about seeing that rogue cultivar looking so out of place there.

Jim feels differently. As I've written before, he liked the odd one in the row. He thought it showed character and defiance and broke up the uniform line of the hedge in an interesting way. He named it Horta.

I just didn't agree. He was good about me having Horta taken out though, and trusts the hole will grow in with the species plants filling the space, which is what I've told him will happen.

Now let's hope it does.

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