Monday, November 9, 2015


Did you read that last post? Unbelievable. This is Hangen here, with a rebuttal to the plaintive drivel that was the last post, written by Hopewell after illegally hacking into the Garden Diary website.

Well, I can hack into Blogger too, and after I figured out the password, I got in and so here I am posting about gardening tasks. Gardening Tasks That Must Be Done Now, according to Hopewell.

Well lah di dah. Nothing is so urgent as some sanctimonious opinionators would have you believe. There are other things the head gardener could do in fall and digging out new garden beds is not one. 

All that blather about good weather being ideal for shovel projects. No it's not. Nice fall weather is when you wander around picking up buckeye nuts and planting them in random spots where you won't remember you put them next spring if you want to check to see if any sprouted.

Sunny fall days are when you shake the black seedpods on the baptisias so their spooky dry rattle scares away imaginary beings who might, or might not -- I'm just saying --  be in the garden at any moment.

Autumn afternoons are when you keep on the lookout for bears and trap voles and free abandoned birds nests from the branches of trees once the leaves are down. Milkweed silk, spiky sweetgum balls, thistle burrs all need to be noticed now and you can't properly attend to them if you are Doing a Project Digging Up Dirt. Hopewell would have your attention highjacked and your will to live squashed with checking things off a To Do list.

I agree with Hopewell on one thing, though. Lunch.

I'm logging off now. I forget what we were arguing about.


  1. I haven't heard from Hangen and Hopwell in quite a long time! Last I heard, they were spending time with ClaudieBoogie and ClaudieGoldie