Friday, November 6, 2015

We Need Some Help

This is Hopewell here, writing today's journal post. Because, well, stuff isn't happening around here the way it should. Usually we are silent. We see it all, but don't offer any kind of public comment. It's always been that way. 

But this is too much. Hangen is to blame, I fear, for distracting the head gardener from her duties -- tasks that have needed doing for a while now. You know the tasks I mean. They pop up on her computer every morning when she opens her laptop and the List Of Things To Do appears.

The list has had two major garden projects on it for months now, awaiting appropriate weather to get started. These are digging tasks that involve shoveling dirt and getting down on hands and knees. The kind of jobs Hangen and I usually assist with, although my efforts help and Hangen's never do. It's always that way.

First it was too hot in summer. Then it got too cold this fall. It was too dry for a long time. It rained and was too wet all of a sudden. A trip to New Mexico got in the way. But really, there has been fine weather for days and still these tasks are not even started.

She gets so distracted, and I know who to blame. Today she even put on her gardening pants and got out the edger to start digging out the new garden area that needs digging, and then someone whose name starts with H but who wasn't me diverted her attention to some twigs that needed pruning. Then some pots needed moving, then some plastic bags caught in the branches in the woods needed removing and then it was lunchtime.

I like lunch.

But these garden jobs need to get underway before snow comes. 

It's always been a struggle between my helpful support and Hangen's irresponsible mischief. Mostly we balance each other out and just stay in the background. I have never before thought to log on to her web journal and post anything. I am at my wit's end, though, and need some help. Please, if you are reading this, send the head gardener an e-mail and tell her to stop listening to Hangen and take Hopewell's urgent advice to get going on those two garden projects while the weather holds.

         Thank you.



  1. Now get a move on Laurrie. Listen to the sage advice of Hopewell and don't pay no heed to Hangen! I'd come over and shake my finger at you if I was not so far away :)

    1. Ha! I'm being pressured from so many sources now. . . I really must get my act together!