Saturday, February 20, 2016

I Must Have Mice

I opened the curtain the other morning and there was the bobcat on the patio. This time it was not a kitten, but a mature cat. He walked around the patio, then wandered away into the back yard and off across the road.

I think I have mice or voles wintering somewhere in my potting bench on the patio and that's what is attracting the bobcats so close to the house. The two kittens I saw recently and now this mature cat must smell something.

None of the bobcats were stalking or hunting when they came up to the house. But I think they know small prey is somewhere nearby and they are making patrols.

Or could it be lingering scents on the barbecue grill? We've grilled outside this winter. The grill was cleaned well and it's under a vinyl cover, but maybe there's still a smell that attracts the bobcats onto the patio.

Something is bringing them close to the house and it's not to visit me.

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