Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Need a New Rain Gauge

When they tore down our cedar deck, my rain gauge lost its home. It had been attached to one of the posts. It's a giant plastic tube from Lee Valley Tools, and I liked it because it was easy to read from afar, easy to empty, and indestructible.

There is no place to mount it on the railings where the new steps are. The railing posts have large caps, so the collection tube would be sheltered by the cap.

So I set out to mount my rain gauge on a freestanding stake in the ground. Near the patio, visible from inside, as before.

I won't go into the travails of finding a suitable stake, waiting for the drill to charge to screw the tube's mounting frame on, finding Elmer's glue when the stake split, looking for clamps to get it back together. . .

I won't go into the ordeal of sawing off the bottom of the stake to make it just the right height, digging a hole deep enough, looking for the bubble level to make sure the stake stood up straight. . .

I won't go into the details of all the other steps, miscues, repeat steps and complications involved in mounting a plastic rain gauge on a stake in the ground.

But I will say the indestructible rain gauge destructed into four or five pieces when the stake was hammered into the ground and the plastic mounting frame shattered. It is now totally kaput. Fertig. Verfallen. Verlumpt. Verblunget.


I guess I need to get a new rain gauge.


  1. Is this the one you had?,42191,54304

    1. Yes, the tube is the same, but my mounting bracket was different I think. The bracket I had attached at both the bottom and at the top neck of the tube -- so it couldn't stick up over the post the way the picture shows in your link. I did get mine from Lee Valley, but it was years ago.