Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Patio & Steps

After all the unseasonable warmth and daffodils coming up and irises popping, it got cold again. It was 25 degrees F on Saturday morning and again on Sunday.

The patio renovation and deck removal is done and it came out great. For the moment ignore the brown plants (it's still March) and the fact that the house siding needs a serious power wash.

Everything is so neutral -- the steps, the pavers, the workbench and shed -- but with greenery around and plants on the patio it will look good. I wish it was a prettier time of year to take pictures.

The steps are composite material, and there is just a narrow landing and steps down, instead of a whole raised deck. It leaves so much more room on the patio below.

I'm not crazy about the shed and potting bench side by side -- it looked better when the potting bench was centered under the large window and the shed was off to the side. But it's a work area, it functions, and when the patio table and chairs and all my nice potted plants are about, it won't be a focal point at all.

The change in color between the old pavers in the distance by the wall and the newly laid paver bricks in the foreground marks where the deck used to be. The difference is slight and the new pavers will fade to a more even tan just as the older ones did in no time.

The best part of this renovation is all the extra space where the new pavers are. Look at all that room now.

Before, the deck came out into the area so much that the patio set was cramped up against the wall. It looked nice enough under the shade of the tree in summer, but there was no room. It was awkward to maneuver around the chairs.

Now, with room to spread out, the table and chairs will be much more comfortable.

There is still room for the compost tumbler off to the side, not visible when sitting on the patio, but it's there in all its green plastic elegance, convenient enough to the back door.

In the patch of dirt in front of the new low wall there is a small Japanese maple sapling. It replaced the beautiful 'Bloodgood' tree that I lost last year. When this little sapling grows it will fill that area at the juncture of the walls and add some shade and enclosure.

This re-do really doesn't look like much. Just some beige steps and a paver patio off the back of the house. Nothing expansive or fancy. But what an improvement!


  1. I like it! Makes for less cluttered look off the back. You'll enjoy the patio space.

    1. Thanks! Plenty of room for a party out there now. You want martinis or wine?

  2. Very nice. We want to do that off of the downstairs kitchen door. I like the wall.

    1. It took a surprising amount of digging and disruption -- not sure if you could get away with less excavation at your downstairs kitchen door -- your area is more level with the ground there, so it might be easier.

  3. I think it looks nice. The improvement will be in the way you and your hubby feel in your larger patio. That means more than any aesthetic.

    1. Thanks Patty! I put the table and chairs out and I've been doing some gardening so I'm using the shed and bench -- and it all works so much better now. So much more space : )