Monday, July 11, 2016

In a Deficit

We've had too little rain all spring and summer. The deficit is now more than 5 inches over the last 90 days. That's 5 inches of normal rainfall that never arrived. What did fall came in such tiny amounts here and there, that it never really soaked the ground.

We got about 2 tenths of an inch over the weekend, and it left drops on the leaves, but the ground is still too dry. Shallow rooted perennials and new transplants struggle. It hasn't been hot, though, so that's been helping the plants limp along without the stress of high heat.

The lawn liked the little bit of rain, and the wet, humid air made things perk up a bit. Nothing has up and died yet, although purple coneflowers I planted earlier this spring are kind of keeling over and I did lose one of those. But everything else lives. Not all that happily, though.

And so summer continues on.

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