Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mugs of Roses

As the mother of the groom, my responsibility in September will be to host the rehearsal dinner. It's all set up for the night before the wedding, at a nice Italian restaurant. We'll be in a rustic stone terrace room, covered but open on the sides to the outside. There will be about 30 people.

There will be a long table and a head table. On the tables I will have mugs of roses spelling LOVE. Four spread out facing one way and then four more also spelling LOVE facing the other way.

Then two at the head table, with the bride and groom's initials. I've ordered the monogram mugs from Anthropologie (they're $8 apiece), and I contacted a florist in the town where the dinner will be, and she'll fill them with nosegays.

The nosegays will be small bunches of spray roses in different colors as shown in the photo above, all in soft pale tones. The bride's overall colors for the ceremony and for her wedding flowers are neutrals -- white and cream and blush pink.

I initially wanted big fat blush garden roses in the mugs -- one big rose to a mug with some greenery.

But the florist told me that garden roses open too quickly, so the trick is to use bunched spray roses, which are smaller, but which hold up when cut much better. A gardener's roses and a florist's roses are two different things, I have learned.

I think the mixed nosegays in the chunky mugs will be really sweet and simple, and low key enough for a dinner on a rustic stone terrace the night before the big event.

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