Friday, July 15, 2016

Skinny Bobcat

Saw the bobcat this week.

It came right up on the patio, a few feet from where I sat on the screened porch one dry, breezy afternoon, lured perhaps by the scent of chipmunks, or the gray mouse that lives in my potting shed.

It looked up when I called Jim to come look. It didn't bound away, just looked up at me rather dolefully, made eye contact, then wandered off.

Ten minutes later the bobcat ambled back through the yard, with something large and furry dangling from its mouth. A rabbit, I think.

I went to get the camera, but the bobcat had disappeared into the weeds at the edge of the yard by then.

It looked very skinny. Its haunches were bony. How could that be with this season's infestation of chipmunks and rabbits? It easily caught a big dinner rabbit within ten minutes of the visit to my patio.

But it seemed very thin. And sad.

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