Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Paver Walkway

When we were gone last week, our contractor came and installed our front walk. He took up the narrow straight concrete walk and installed pavers in a curved shape.

He did all the messy work of tearing out concrete, digging, hauling it away, cutting stone, and laying the pavers while we were gone, so that was a real convenience for us. By the time we got home, it was done.

But I was a little surprised -- the layout was a bit different than what we had talked about before we left. It looks great, though, and I have no complaints.

No complaints. But. . . .

I wanted the apron leading to the driveway to be a little bigger, wider, and more of an invitation to enter.

The space to the right of the entrance under the dogwood was filled with epimediums, which I removed before we left so he could extend the width of the apron to that side, but instead the walk entrance is narrower, and he put in mulch where I had removed the groundcover.

But no issues. It's curvier and narrower than I expected, but the work is great, the pavers are a real upgrade, and it's fine.

I thought the walk would come closer to the light post as it curves toward the front steps, but it makes the turn short of the light post.

That's okay. But now I need to cut the border to meet the curve and add some plantings under the post. I hadn't expected that -- I thought the stonework would curve out and around up to the foot of the post.

So I have some work to do at this curve. Not an issue, though. The walk is a little narrower and smaller than what I thought the result would be, but I'll add some plants. Plants are always the solution.

It's all good. It's a major improvement. I wasn't here, so the decisions on width, curves, and shape were made by the contractor, and he did a good job. Workmanship, clean up and final results are great.

I like it.

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