Friday, December 30, 2016

Garden Impressions

My husband has always been fascinated by the Impressionist painters, and a highlight of last year's trip to France was our day at Monet's garden in Giverny. I got to wander the gardens looking at gorgeous plants, and he got to immerse himself in the painter's world. It was magical for both of us.

Several years ago he took a stab at painting. He produced quite a few small canvases, but the one that rivals any work by any French Impressionist is this one -- it is called "Laurrie in the Garden".

That's me working the earth, and a deer eating everything I have planted next to me. He tells me there are symbolic touches, like a dead vole he put in there, but I'm not sure I see that. I do see the four hearts in the sky.

Monet painted and painted and repainted his garden over and over multiple times, trying to get the light, the look, and the essence of what he had created. He had dozens and dozens of canvases of the same view.

I can understand that as I try all the time to document my garden in photos. I have thousands of pictures, many posted on this blog, and each one is an attempt to show not only the beauty of the place I've made, but the essence of it.

But Jim's painting captures it like no photograph could.

December 31
Happy Birthday to the
Impressionist painter in my life!

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