Monday, January 2, 2017

Bail Pulls and Boring Holes

Back in 1971 we inherited some old furniture from the estate of a relative I never knew on my husband's side -- I actually can't remember who it was. This chest of drawers was one of the items we got, along with end tables (one of which I still use in the living room) and a few other miscellaneous wood pieces.

I've used it all these years. It's been in my bedroom in every house I've lived in. It's roomy, the drawers slide beautifully and it's a solid, handsome piece of furniture.

For over 45 years, all the time I've owned it and certainly before we even got it, the lower left drawer pull has been missing.

It doesn't affect anything -- the drawer opens easily using only the one pull on the right. It's always been this way. Forever.

But over the decades I did want to fix it, especially when we moved to this house 12 years ago and things here were "nicer" and newer. But I could not find an exact replacement anywhere. I did look for a long time online, but finally gave up.

Now, suddenly, I really want it restored. This time, instead of looking for a single replacement that matches, I ordered 10 new handles and will replace all of them. They're called bail pulls apparently, and you measure the boring holes to get the right size.

Ten forged brass bail pulls are expensive, even the low-end ones I got. The cost seems ridiculous given that I have had this chest with a missing pull for more than 45 years.

My. Entire. Adult. Life.

But I'm on a kick to get all the little things that have not been right in my house up to par. There is no gardening in winter and I get antsy to do projects at this time of year, and my focus has inexplicably, after all these years, fallen upon this chest.

So I'm getting a whole new set of handles to completely dress up and restore an antique chest of drawers.

I hope the ground thaws in Spring before I start replacing all the doorknobs in the house.

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