Saturday, January 14, 2017

Daylilies in Summer

Want to see beautiful summer garden shots on this winter day? I have some for you.

Ommmm. Summer.

This is the garden of a friend in town, who is an active member and leader of the Connecticut Daylily Society. She was featured recently on the Hemerocallis Society's blog.

           Click to see the Garden of the Week

I have visited her garden often, so it's fun to see some of it featured in photographs. The shots are lovely, focused on her extensive daylily plantings, but they don't begin to capture the charm of her old farmstead or the scope of the gardens, terraces, outbuildings, and lawn sweeping down to the pond below. Or the coolness of a ramble on a hot day through the tall shade plantings at the side of the house.

The photos on the site do show the wisteria vine at her front door -- what a sight that is in bloom. Even in winter it's a major feature as you walk under the immense woody structure to enter the house.

Wisteria at the front door

So go ahead and click on the link to take a tour of Cheryl's garden and read the story of how it all came to be. You'll be impressed with her daylilies, and her whole garden. And you'll be treated to some high summer in the middle of winter.

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