Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nine Hundred Miles

How to pack for two different climates in one trip?

We're gone for a while, visiting the southwest in winter. We're combining two destinations -- a visit to the chilly elevations of northern New Mexico (snow, cold air, mountain scenery), followed by a visit to the Texas gulf coast (warm, balmy breezes, beaches, sun and sand.)

I overpack on every trip I take, so planning for two completely separate wardrobes -- one for cold weather and one for beachwear -- means I am completely at a loss.

It seemed to make sense when we booked this vacation. New Mexico and Texas are adjoining states, right next to each other, so why not spend a week in northern New Mexico, then hop over to Texas for a a few more days to visit friends at their condo on the gulf. It's all the southwest, after all. We're from a tiny state in New England, what do we know. . .

. . . . these two locations are more than 900 miles apart. Over nine hundred miles. That's like combining a trip to Connecticut with a stop in Chicago.

Nine Hundred Miles.

This country is so damn big. It boggles.

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