Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just Shrubbery

I am going to help my son plant his new yard in Denver in April. I already ordered three free and two low cost saplings from the city's urban forestry program for him. He'll get two bur oaks for eventual tall shade along the sidewalk, a honeylocust for his fenced back yard, a linden to screen the view of the apartments on one side, and a flowering pear for a corner.

In addition, he has a long fence line that needs some plants along it to soften the stockade look. He also has a bedroom window in direct line with a bright streetlight that needs something to block the light all night long.

So I have to come up with some shrubbery selections that will solve those design challenges. And I need to find a place in Denver where we can buy shrubs.

Okay, this turned out to be an eye opener.

I googled nurseries and greenhouses and garden centers and plant stores in the Denver metro area where we might shop when I am out there in the spring, and I got . . .
    . . . every kind of marijauna product we could ever need.

Seeds, plants, starts, containers, lights, grow resources, grow instructions, soil amendments for pot culture, heat mats, and on and on.

Some urban garden centers also had a small side business in annuals and houseplants. Some sold floral arrangements along with pot plants. But no ornamental shrubs.

Home Depot and Lowe's in the city are probably places we can find basic landscape plants. We'll go there to start.

But where to find a real selection of woody plants for my "vision" of his landscape? A tall narrow juniper for height, or dwarf Chinese junipers, or an upright lilac maybe, or Rose of Sharon? Can we even buy some of my favorite low care, minimal water standbys like comptonia and caryopteris and low growing fragrant sumac? Dwarf deutzia? Amsonias?

I asked a blogger who gardens in Denver and he suggested Harlequin's Gardens up in Boulder. I also have been to a nice nursery in Ft. Collins when I was visiting one time and on a mission to find the Colorado clematis vine 'Kintzley's Ghost'. But no good sources in Denver, though.

I should probably contact the Denver Botanic Garden for suggestions on where to get shrubs. I'll do that this winter.

It looks like my son and I will spend a spring weekend in Colorado driving all over the state to find plants for an urban lot. Not pot plants, not "grow supplies", not marijuana paraphernalia, just shrubbery.

It's going to be fun!

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