Monday, February 13, 2017

Living in Cement

It snows in New Mexico and it gets cold, but dry air and intense sun at high altitude dispatch it pretty quickly. They have flat roofs out there, which tells you something about expected snow loads.

Snow may last in a layer on the cold ground during winter, or in patches, but it doesn't accumulate in ginormous mountains of heavy frozen pack. Certainly not like it does here.

This is dense wet snow, too heavy for a man with a very bad back to be shoveling. But the snowblower died, and he won't pay our snowplow guy to come back again and do this walkway.

Our solar panels are completely covered and we are drawing from the grid now, not producing our own power. Which happens in this climate and has been factored into our electric savings and we still pay nothing for electricity all year, since months when we produce excess offset this situation. But still, I really hate to see this.

There may or may not be mail delivery today. I tried to shovel out an arc below the mailbox so the truck could sidle up close enough, but the snow was too sodden and I couldn't do it. At least the man with the bad back didn't try. So what if our bills are late.

I've lived in this climate all my life, I like winter, sometimes more in theory than in reality, but I'm getting ready for a climate where we won't have to deal with living under a layer of white cement when it snows.

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