Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Honey Badger Claws

Wait, they make these things?

I found waterproof gloves with hard plastic claws molded onto the tips of the fingers for digging in the soil, plucking out weeds by the roots, unearthing small buried obstacles, forming a small trench -- all the things that I do that quickly destroy the fingers of my Mud Gloves.

Honey Badger Garden Gloves

These are totally ingenious. The reviews on Amazon are very positive, although most say the gloves are too bulky for general garden use if you are picking up things or needing to manipulate anything.

But for the hands and knees work of scrabbling around in the soil, these answer my prayers.

I try to keep my trowel and hand claw and Cobrahead digger and other tools with me as I move from spot to spot weeding, but within minutes each item winds up too far away to reach. Then my gloved fingers become my "tools", as I root around to get a weed out or rake through gravel, or need to scoop out a hole in packed soil, or have to separate the tangled roots of a potbound plant.

I go through pairs and pairs of Mud Gloves, mostly because the fingertips wear away from all that clawing action in the dirt.

These Honey Badger Gloves come with plastic claws on the left side only, or the right side only, or both hands. They are expensive at $38. But I spend $7.99 for each pair of Mud Gloves, and I go through many pairs a season. I'd still need general-use garden gloves anyway in addition to these specialized claw gloves, so they seem expensive.

On the other hand, what price for efficiency and ingenuity? What cost is too high for the exquisite ease of moving about the garden when weeding without having to search for tools out of reach and rise to get them over and over as I move on my knees through the weed patch?

And besides, do they not look fiercely awesome? No pretty pink cotton gloves for potting petunias for me -- I want these red in tooth and claw, wolverine-like, feral looking weapon gloves on my hands.

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