Thursday, March 30, 2017

What Early Spring Looks Like

This is what it looks like when March turns to April.

Snow lingers in piles. The lawn has been chopped up and left in clumps in the snow pile.

The wooden stakes used to guide the snowplow up the driveway have been snapped in two and lie in the snowbank as well.

There's mud.

But softly, with quiet promise, Cornus mas blooms and the grass greens up.

Cornus mas, or Corneliancherry dogwood, is not bright or flashy. It looks like an upright, paler version of a forsythia.

I have two small trees, of course I do, because like Noah I have two of everything in my garden.

One is at the edge of the torn up muddy driveway and one is out in the yard between a white bark paper birch and a dense green pine. The yellow is so subtle that it needs the green pine to show it off, so the more noticeable of the two dogwoods is the one farther away.

But both are a welcome sight right now as April slides into place.


  1. I love cornus mas too! Perfect size. Your white birch - a stunner!!

    1. Thanks! I can never photograph the white birch well, the beautiful markings on the bright white bark wash out.