Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Guest Post

Today, something unusual for this blog -- a guest post written by my sister Pam:

A gardener I am not. Nor am I a blogger, but my sister, the author of this blog, has graciously allowed me to do a guest post.  

Many years ago, after an extensive addition to our kitchen, we realized we could see directly into our neighbors' family room. So, my sister, the gardener, to the rescue with a suggestion for a plant screen. Her recommendation was a fringe tree. And so it was planted, spindly little specimen that it was. It was just starting to grow taller and fill out when I, as a new widow, moved to a condo. How I lamented leaving my little tree behind. Well, nothing to do but go buy another. 

Last summer, with my sister's guidance, I again purchased what seemed to me just a brown stick. I had little hope that this half dead stick would thrive. 

Here it is this Spring and look at how it is doing. I am so thrilled. 
Fringetree - Chionanthus virginicus

Additionally, she planted several landscape plants around my newly installed patio. This shade loving azalea (is that an oxymoron?) has done very well, and I love the pretty pink blossoms. 
A pink blooming shade loving azalea 

She was so excited to plant this Pigsqueak mostly  because she just loved the name. But it has  thrived and even produced these pretty pink flowers. I seem to have a pink theme going on here.
Bergenia cordifolia - Pigsqueak

One would think watching this sister work her magic on my site, I would be well versed in producing a show stopper patio landscape. Hah!! My only contribution to beautify my space was a healthy-when-I-bought-it hydrangea. It died.
Site of a dead plant

So while I sit on the sidelines watching her do her magic, I get to reap the rewards of a talented gardener who seems to enjoy having another canvas on which to create.

Oh...I do make a mean quilt! 

A different form of garden magic - a garden of colors and shapes

--- with thanks to Pam for this post!


  1. You're both artists... palettes of plants and fabric.

  2. Such talented, creative sisters! I'm still looking for my special talent....

    1. Your talent is. . . caregiving! -- and you even got paid for it. Our creative hobbies don't even pay for themselves.