Sunday, May 7, 2017

Soaked, Then Sunny

Three and a half inches of rain on Friday -- a complete soaking. Then Saturday was sunny and breezy. A red wine seemed right.

The blackhaw viburnums are in bloom now, and I can never capture their subtle flowers. They blend into the green background. They are flat, and creamy white, not bright.

But they are showy in their own way. I wish I could get the camera to highlight the graceful, quiet prettiness of this little tree.

Is it unreasonable that this line of five 'Tide Hill' boxwoods delights me so? I don't know why, but I love it. A small fothergilla 'Mt. Airy' blooms behind the boxwoods. It has white pipe cleaner brushes that stand up. They smell like honey if you get close.

For years I have had ever-increasing patches of blue forget-me-nots each spring, but I lost almost all of them in last summer's drought. There are only two clumps left under the viburnum tree in a wet part of this garden.

I used to have a big beautiful stretch of them, and even did the "plants spilling out of a container" thing one year. They were seeding around in lots of places in different gardens.

But except for the two little clumps remaining, none of the rest of all the shallow rooted forget-me-nots came back. I really do miss the river of sky blue sunniness streaming alongside the dry creekbed.

With a day of soaking rain followed by a day of sun, the forget-me-nots would have been spectacular.

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