Monday, April 5, 2010

Day after Easter

Another unseasonably warm day, sunny, windy, but in the 70s.  Unbelieveable for early April.

I spent another hour or so on the back hill pulling multiflora roses and bitersweet.  There's so much of it.  I'll keep after it

It's been so warm that I was tempted to divide perennials today... and I did.  Geum (now there are 6 on the right of Meadow's Edge and 3 on the left) and Geranium wlassovianum (now have 7 plants).  It's probably too early, but they were greening up and starting to form nice mounds of foliage!

I moved rocks from below the little boxwoods to extend the dry creek bed a bit.  The bed is cut for the redbud's location right in front of the creek bed (my new Cercis Silver Cloud) but I need dirt.  Jim has called Bluestone twice now, but no response (need 6 cu. yards).  I get so frustrated... I want to get these trees planted and I want to do it when it's cool in April, but you never get a response.

As a little side rant, that's one of the problems using a landscaper in any of my gardening efforts... you're on their time, their schedule.  They come when they can, or when you can finally get ahold of them.  That's why the Birch Garden, Back Strip and Meadow's Edge weren't installed until the very end of September in '07... that's when he came to dig and fill with dirt.  He just showed up, and we were going out, so I wasn't there when he cut the shapes of the gardens.  And then I was left to plant perennials in early October... not good.

So here I am now, wanting to get these projects underway in early spring, but I can't until some time later whenever we can get Peter... and then who knows when he can deliver the 6 yards of soil.  I'll be digging and planting in the heat in late May or June.  Aaack.  OK, enough of rant.