Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Broken Arrow plants

Rainy and damp this morning, but it warmed up and was partly sunny by afternoon, a little breezy.  In the low 70s.

Jim drove me down to Broken Arrow to pick up the three ceanothus plants they didn't have when we were there in mid March and picked up the other new plants.

In addition to the Ceanothus americanus (New Jersey Tea) that will go under the new Stewartia monadelpha, I got:

Pieris 'Valley Valentine', a nice evergreen anchor that will fill the last space at the edge of the porch, next to the Rose of Sharon.  Should get to 7 feet tall.  It's exactly 6 feet to the bottom of the east porch windows, so I may get a slight view of the deep rosy flowers in April when it blooms at maturity.  The female kiwi vines are behind it, against the porch and deck wall.

Also got a dwarf Pieris, called Bisbee's Dwarf, to replace the clump of 3 heathers at the curve in Northern Exposure.  They may be fine and green up, but now in April they are ratty brown.  I'm giving up on heathers.  Maybe in containers.  The tiny Pieris will be just 2 or 3 feet tall and wide, and will be evergreen -- something to hold interest at that end of the corner and to bloom early (white flowers).

Also got a Spirea Ogon, which everyone raves about for Meadow's Edge.   It will have bright foliage, lasting well into winter.  It's in flower now, with soft white frothy blooms.  Maybe put this where the Hamamelis Diane is... it can get quite large.
And I got a Cornus mas!  But I did not realize it is 'Aureo variegata' and has golden splashed leaves.  I originally wanted to put it where the Hamamelis 'Diane' is now, behind the dry creek bed, but with the variegated redbud in front, I dunno about the two variegated small trees together.  Where to put this?

How about to the left and behind the roses at the top of the driveway?  Fruit can be messy, poor fall color.  May be too wide spreading for there, but if I keep it limbed up, and narrower it might overarch the roses nicely?