Saturday, April 3, 2010

Full On Forsythia

Another warm sunny day, breezy, in the 60s, low 70s.  Just beautiful.

The forsythia are now in full bloom everywhere.  Stunning!  They really are very common, planted just about in every yard, but there is nothing sunnier and no prettier yellow.

The Okame cherry is also at maximum bloom, a really pretty pink.  I do despair about its shape:
Today I brought the deck furniture up, and got out the hose reels and connected everything, so I'm ready for watering!

I also ordered some plants from a nursery called Rarefinds.  I have it in my head I want to put great big evergreen rhododendrons at the very top of the hill, in the wooded area right along the road, hopefully to look naturalistic.  There's a sort of "saddle" area that dips and is the most exposed to the road.  I want screening there (the house across the street leaves a megawatt floodlight on all night that  beams into our back windows).
So I ordered 4 Rhododendron maximum, the ones that you see around old homes that get huge, up to 12 feet.  I'll need to bring some dirt up there, there is no real diggable soil.  But if I can add some dirt and plant these while small, they may naturalize nicely and form a big evergreen wall among the trees.  Scheduled for delivery the week of May 3.