Friday, April 2, 2010


Beautiful, sunny, in the 60s.  The grass has completely greened up and buds are suddenly everywhere.

The meadow is still squishy and has standing water after all the rain.  The yard is better, but still moist.

I tried to cut rose canes on the hill and in the meadow on the east side.  Got several, and used the VineX, but the nasty gnats that torture your face were out, and were driving me nuts.  I keep at it, probably have cut or pulled or treated a third of the roses and bittersweet so far this season.  Maybe that's optimistic.

Added compost to the liriope in Meadow's Edge garden.

Later, in the afternoon, the gnats were gone, and I started expanding the Meadow's Edge garden at the far right, for a place to put the variegated redbud.  But it was awfully wet, and digging up the sod was mucky work.

I put the hummingbird feeders out today to try to attract the early male scouts.