Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hot! and Summery! 90 degrees!

It got into the high 80s today (it's actually 90 right now on my weather widget), sunny and windy and too hot to do much outside.  Jim mowed with the new rider tractor.

This weather has me so mixed up.  I KNOW we will have cold and even frosts again, it's only early April.  But things are pushing up, perennials are emerging and it feels so much like late May, that I'm anxious that I won't get stuff done before the heat of summer.  I still need to dig the beds for the plants along the driveway (need dirt.. no answer from Bluestone).  It feels like I'll be doing it in the misery of hot summer, but really, it's only April.

I did manage to plant the pieris today.  Look at the ratty brown heathers:
They need to be replaced.
So the Bisbee's Dwarf pieris went in here, a nice green behind the spreading mounds of green waxy sedums (Sedum kamschaticum Weihenstephaner Gold):
I also planted the Valley Valentine pieris under the porch window.  And the Ogon spirea out in Meadow's Edge, where it should fill the empty area nicely.  I hope.  I moved some purple coneflowers to put it in.

The yellow root is blooming before it leafs out!

The Golden Peep forsythia is a problem.  I cut out the dead wood, not sure what the problem is or what I should do here.  Fill in with more cuttings?
And, a final note on this hot summery day as I sit in my conservatory (porch):
I have seedlings!  Zinnias are popping up, and I think I even see a little hint of nasturtium peeking up.