Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hot and windy

Too hot and windy again today to do much in the garden.  It's only 82 degrees, not the 90 degrees we hit yesterday, but I'm waiting for the cool to return before cutting gardens and doing heavy work out there.  It really is hot!

Good news -- Bluestone will deliver a truckload of topsoil on Sunday, and the weather will be cooler next week.  Besides, I'm completely rethinking the design of the new gardens, what to put where.... getting the variegated Cornus Mas messed me up.

I got two low junipers from Gledhill today, Silver Mist Shore Juniper, to plant under the farthest birch.  I'll take out the hostas there now... they just get decimated by the deer, and they don't do well there competing for water with the birch and sitting in the sun.

Also got 2 more Massachusedtts Kinnikinninik to replace the two I lost to winter this year.

And 4 Epimedium alpinum 'Rubrum' which I'm going to try to stuff in at the maple's roots in Meadow's Edge.

Everything is leafing out in this weather... the tree, the blueberries, perennials are popping up.  yikes.

Love this picture of the Dragon's Blood clover intertwining in the Sedum Angelina.